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  • Can all of our virgin hair bundles tolerate heat?
    Yes, all of our virgin hair can be straighten and curled then restored to its original state.​
  • Are your lashes real mink?
    Yes, all of our lashes at Pretty and Brite Boutique are 100% mink lashes and are individually made.​
  • Are the over-sized bonnets made to fit all styles?
    Yes, All of our bonnets are style friendly. These bonnets will fit those of normal natural hair styles, dreads, extensions of any sort as well as braids regardless of the length.​
  • Can all hair be washed?
    Hair purchased by our online store can certainly be washed and properly maintained. All of our hair products comes with a maintenance guide on how to properly maintain your hair per our standards. This is to guarantee longevity of the hair itself if treated properly according to our guidelines.​
  • How long does the hair quality last?
    If handled and maintained properly our hair guarantees a life expectancy of five plus years.
  • Does Pretty and Brite Virgin hair shed and matte?
    Our hair qualities are of the latest and highest qualities to ensure that there is little to no shedding. If handled and/or maintained correctly​ there will be no issues of matting. please follow maintenance instructions attached to your products for more information.
  • Can hair be bleached and dyed?
    Yes, hair bleach and dye friendly.Our bundles can be lifted easily, dyed and bleach with little effort.
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