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Our waterproof 2 in 1 quick dry eyeliner glue duo pens are amazing! Yes! you read it correctly, eyeliner glue pens. These pens are waterproof and can be used to apply your eyelashes as glue or as a simple eyeliner.Available in black liquid or transparent glue.How it works:Simply apply eyeliner as usual, then apply your lashes. It will give you the 2 in 1 affect, by giving you an eyelined eyelid as well as a great hold to your lashes. Make sure to apply lashes while liner is wet.If you do not want to apply lashes and want to use only as eyeliner, simply apply and let dry.For those who want to just apply the lashes without the"eyelined look" we offer a clear glue option as well. Simply apply a leight amount to the stip of the eyelash, once the glue becomes a little tacky apply lash to eyelid.

2in1 Bling Waterproof Eyeliner Glue Pen

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